Happy Monday! It's been forever since I've blogged! We were in Texas last week for a super sweet baby shower for olive and I didn't plan and left my computer at home. But we feel so spoiled, so many tiny baby things. It was cute watching Austin try and figure out a boppy. Everything's coming together so well and I'm excited to share a few pictures of her space soon. We have so many packages coming in our landlords are probably like what the heck?! They thought one was for them and it so happened to be my nursing bra and reusable nursing pads haha! Fun stuff you guys... Fun stuff.

I hope your weekend was filled with all things fall! We spent our weekend working and snuggling when we could. This month is So full! I had 3 awesome photo shoots on Saturday and on Sunday we got SO much done around the house. We painted a few things and deep cleaned our spare bedroom (again).  Our spare bedroom always ends up full of the most random junk. But now it's ready for all of our guests in November! Fall cleaning anyone? 

 A few insta-friends just had there babies!! And I'm SO happy for them and also so envious they get to hold there little babes! I know December will be here in a blink! We've gotten so many books with presents for olive that we started reading to her at night. I have to say it's so fun living life with Austin and experiencing all of this together. Olive goes crazy jumping around when we read to her it's a fun routine were starting now that we intend to carry on when she arrives.

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