32 Weeks/ 8 Months

8 whole months with my baby girl. This week has been exhausting so I'm taking a break from my husbands strict orders to "relax ALL DAY or ELSE" to bring all you a bump up date! because, I know I know, how dare I not post it yesterday? and blogging isn't that exhausting right? sigh. 

Baby Size: Jicama!Jicama is my most favorite tasteless fruit/veggie. We worked with this super sweet guy who was from another country and he had the best way of pronouncing jicama! He said it like GE-CAMA. So at the very least we have been making jicama remarks all week! But guys, I look pregnant in these photos! Olive moved positions this morning (she is ALWAYS head down and locked and loaded) but today she was sticking her but out so much I looked so pregnant! almost cone like This mama was one happy camper. I was all strutting my stuff at the thrift store like " yeahhhhhh, this aint no food baby! This girls PREGGO!" 

Current Cravings: I have an appetite back! I want to eat eat eat. Which makes my wonderful midwife really happy. She's like grow baby grow! So no current cravings but right this moment I'm indulging in a homemade veggie hummus sandwich that is blowing my mind. (Austin are you jealous)

The Bump: bumping and moving along. Olive loves to kick all day and shake her bum like crazy. She likes to snuggle her daddy at night and make sure that he knows she is very much there with some nice kicks to the back. My belly is so "tight" that its making sleeping difficult. Every time I move I wake up, because its hard to move with such a tightening.  I downloaded a rain app and so far its been the only thing able to put me right back to sleep. 

Looking Forward To: Austins birthday!! Its going to be so amazing. He's turning 25 and we started dating when I was 17! (he was older but doesn't that make it sound like soooooo long?!) My mom comes in town in 2 weeks! We have 2 more baby showers (feeling so blessed and loved) then Austins mom comes into town for a few days and then Austin's dad for Thanksgiving and then my mom again! So I'm really looking forward to family time. As of right now my last photo shoot is November 8th! I'm going to miss getting out and shooting but I'm SO excited to be able to be home everyday and finish getting things ready. Because my pregnancy hormones and nesting have been really insane lately. (Thank Jesus for my patient husband) My pregnancy hormones have been in full swing this week and you better bet I'm blaming it ALL on hormones. They are REAL and I'm trying to not throw pity parties and focus on every positive thing.

Meaningful moments: Reading stories to Olive at night before bed and having her go crazy kicking. At our last midwife appointment I left feeling so supported and excited. We talked more about the "confusion" with due dates I was having. I couldn't be more happy to have a care provider who invests in us and takes time to smoothe over any concerns. I feel so loved by the time we leave her office. Honestly, every time I'm stressed and Olive kicks is a meaningful moment to me. She reminds me to slow down and take everything in. She already makes me a better person and I can't wait to meet her. She has the sweetest little personality already.

Austin's Thoughts: We both had a holy sh$t moment when realized the date she could come in November... like holy sh$it this is exciting and crazy and theres so much to do! but oh my gosh she's going to be here soon type moment.  Where has this year gone?! Lets do December little girl and we'll call it a date! But like always austin is already such a great daddy, always taking care of us and talking to her. It's quite an amazing thing to watch your boyfriend become your husband and your husband become a daddy. (excuse me, the hormones are in full force!)