Weekend purchases!

This weekend was insanely wonderful. Now, I may have to sleep for the next week to recover but boy was it a good one. I had a senior session that I LOVED and a engagement session that was breathtaking! Only 4 more sessions till I'm done for the year! Crazy crazy crazy. These were the only photos Austin snapped of me while testing some light and I thought they were funny... and yes thats a hole I snagged in my leggings only an hour after wearing them. Doesn't that happen to everyone? We were in Rocky Mountain National Park and only 2 weeks ago we were here and it was full blown fall and now its like full blown winter! They were such troopers though and I cant wait to post their dreamy photos.

On Saturday we picked up a handful of our cloth diapers! We still need some more but the nesting in me was going stir crazy without having ANY. I was like if she comes right now we don't have any diapers and a baby can't not have diapers! I can't wait to see her little bum in these. I've been thinking about it must suck to be naked your whole life and then all the sudden you come into the world and have to start wearing clothes all the time with no choice! So I'm thinking the cloth will atleast be a little more comfortable for her. I can totally see myself becoming one of those scary cloth diaper moms ... ya know the ones who buy "collectable" and "limited edition" ones. hahahah. God help me. On Saturday night I third wheeled it with Austin and our friend David where I volunteered to drive them to 4 different breweries to pick out the "perfect" craft beer for our baby shower. We were out till midnight... this pregnant mama was out till midnight and wasn't able to drink any craft beer. I just got to stair at them and dip french fries in garlic aioli. The struggle you guys... haha just kidding but not really. 

I hope your weekend was just as amazing and if you didn't have any garlic aioli to dip french fries in I feel for you.