30 Weeks

30 weeks! Our girl will be here in 10 weeks or less! She could "safely" come at 37 weeks. and I'm not gonna lie theres so much to be done before she gets here but her coming early sounds so nice! I just want to hold her in my arms and see Austin with her already! Me and baby are at a 16 pound weight gain. Besides being out of breath I feel great and I've noticed my hair has grown a ton! Keep growing hair!

Baby Size: a large cabbage and as long as an english cucumber. apparently she weighs around 3.5 pounds but I doubt it. Thats going off an a 8 pound baby at full term and like I said I realllllllly think shell be 6ish pounds! So we are betting that she is maybe 3 pounds.

Current Cravings: still nothing that sticks out. I crave water all day everyday. I wake up thirsty. I'm constantly in the Starbucks drive through asking just for water! They must love me! Also soups have been on my mind, but I'm a comfort eater anyways!

The Bump: I'm loving my baby bump! It's at the stage of how I've envisioned myself pregnant. So when I look in the mirror I feel so dejavu-ish. I've been having lots of braxton hicks and taking warm baths to keep everything calm. I'm excited that my body is practicing and getting ready for the real deal. I'm also having the most random nightmares and I'm usually wide awake around 2-4am. last night as I was drifting to sleep austin massaged my back, without me even asking! like he just did it and I think its the most loved I ever felt! yes, dramatic but it was so simple of him to do that but I kept sleeping/waking up and sleeping and it was so relaxing! You guys, I picked a good one!

Looking Forward To: Finishing our birth plan! It's something we will give to our midwife and her assistants beforehand and also have for the few people who will be at our home birth. It covers everything we are hoping for and other details incase our birth plan changes. I'll share more on this later. I absolutely love how specific we can be and how much we have a say in what goes on in our birth. So many people think they don't have a say and you so have a choice in every aspect of your birth!

Meaningful moments: I caught Olive doing flips,kicks and the wave on video and sent it to a ton of our family! I LOVED being able to share that with our family and friends who don't live here. I can never get her moving on video and this time I did! Even Austin was surprised at her movements. My brother kept texting me being like, "that was insane, seriously insane, like I can't stop watching it! " I love how we can see her leg/foot at all times. She likes to hang out on my right side, she does not like the left side of her womb-house! So we can usually see where her leg is at all times. She also likes to stick her little bum out and shake it all around. A girlfriend on instagram told me her little girl did that when she was pregnant and now she shakes her bootay all the time! Which is adorable, so hoping Olive keeps that little bum dancing up! because baby butts are the best.

Austin's Thoughts: We finished our birth class last week and we LOVED our class. I've said before but it was a hypnobirthing class and we recommend it to anyone/everyone! Austin loved how much he learned how to help me and what his role is. He was able to realize he really has a say and a huge roll in being my birth partner and its not just me strapped to a bed and him being helpless. He's super excited that he has a list of things he can do and how big of a part he will be in Olives birth! We were really debating on taking a class or not and as long as you know your not walking into a class where they are going to instill FEAR into you i'd recommend taking a class for everyone! It's fun to set a certain time each week to learn about birth and connect but I feel like we "know a lot" about birth and every time we left the class we were like WOW, how cool or wow how empowering and felt really good! So for anyone who is debating if they should or not, look into some birth classes and find out what they teach if its empowering or if its a little fearful and go from there! Or email a doula even if your not using them and ask them for recommendations!