25 years

I came across a video of austin when he was 22. He had no beard and a buzz cut and the cutest baby face you ever did see.  I've been extra sappy about him turning such a mile stone. We've had so many silly fun memories and I'm so thankful we get to do life together. Austin in one word is courageous. I use to think id pick something like strong or dependable or supercalifragilisticexpialidocious because that covers it all. But if I haaaaaad to pick just one, its courageous. Austin has the courage to live. To chase his dreams and to push through and carry me along with him no matter the situation. Austin doesn't sit around waiting for life to happen to him, he happens to life. Give austin a problem, he'll have a solution. Face him with tears? he'll have you laughing in no time. Its such an honor to live life with him. When we were dating and said we love you to each other we each had moments that we've said I love you for you but also the person I know your going to be. I see potential in you, I see life in you and I want to live that life with you... Its a crazy thing to reflect back on that and realize it all happened before our eyes and we have so much life to live! 

So happy birthday to my favorite baby daddy! Thanks for making sure is eat 120 grams of protein and 3000 calories today! ;) (doctors orders) me and olive love you so much and can't wait for all this next year of adventures bring!