A few Things::

Hows your fall been? Ours is barley holding on, within in a week our fall is almost completely gone, it even snowed yesterday! But I don't count it as a real true first snow more like a pretend first snowfall. So here we have my neighbors ugly dead ivy that at one time was so beautiful but hey, we needed a place to snap a few photos because I'm loving this sweater dress, that is really a cheat on a sweater dress! The material is warm, but thin and I'm all about non-bulkynon-itchy sweater dresses! can I get an amen?

Just wanted to stop in and share this lovely dress bump with you and a few things I'm thankful for lately.

  • Party Leftovers... Ive eaten baked brie every day.... no judgement here 
  • Olives room being finished. 
  • Sleep, you guys me and sleep this week are like bffs! We've been sleeping till 10am and I am not ashamed! I've even gotten to stay up past 9pm some nights...living on the wild side.
  • breakfast dates with best girl friends. Pancakes might have been included.
  • Austin Birthday weekend/the tiniest little baby moon on Saturday! I am so excited to turn off our phones and maybe even hit up a pool!

and heres 5 things I'm loving around the internet! 

  1. Ellen on the red cup issue.... so funny. I didn't even know the cup issue was an issue.
  2. This Pin 
  3. Im making this recipe tonight. Vegan Mac & Tease with a huge butternut squash!(I skip the butterbeans and its still delicious)
  4. I'm looking at dresses like this for postpartum :0)
  5. and this teaching by Bill Johnson has been on repeat lately. Love Vs. Fear


Dress/ Khols (score) Knee Highs/H&M  Boots/Lucky Brand Huge ass scarf/F21

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