Olive: 1 Week Old

I meant to post this yesterday along with her birth story. But my posts keep getting deleted and the page is automatically refreshing so blogging has been put on the back burner and I have been soaking up every moment with Austin and Olive. Theres so much I want to share so I don't forget it all but sometimes its better to just enjoy the moment. I'll be sharing her birth story soon. Birth stories are so intimate its hard and so hard to put into words!

"Sweet little olive is one week old this morning! She loves to sleep with mommy and daddy and absolutely hates her bassinet. (We're working on it) She loves milk with a side of milk and sometimes even milk for dessert. 🍼 this is one of the 3 onesies that fits our little kalamata but we don't mind if she takes her time growing. she weighs 5lbs 4oz but we are convinced her cheeks have gained some chub. She has a love hate relationship with her paci.. (Sometimes i can almost hear her call it a Satan Sipper πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚)Life with her is so full and I'm so honored that we get to be her parents."

A few things I never want to forget

  1. This first week as a little family. Family naps & Snuggles and all the firsts that come with it.
  2. The way her daddy sings to her in the middle of the night
  3. Austin said "how beautiful we both are"
  4. Her sweet new born breath. I swear its the best smell ever
  5. The way she looks at both of us when she's finally awake or hears our voices.
  6. Cloth diapering. Austin is a pro cloth diaper-er
  7. The way she needs me to feed her. Im like a milk factory!
  8. Just how tiny she actually is. She has changed so much already from day one!