36 Weeks

9 months with my baby girl! Next week we are considered full term, but my mom has already warned her that she is not allowed to come until December 1st. I'm okay with December 1st even though I can't fathom being pregnant for another 3 weeks.

Baby Size: Honeydue Melon. I'm guessing she weighs 4 whole pounds. maybe. (watch ill have a total 8 pound baby haha)

Current Cravings: SPARKLING WATER... give me it all. San Pellegrino forever with extra lime. Its the closest thing I can get to a real drink! Someone was just telling me about the benefits of drinking a stout right after you deliver.... and I LOVE stouts so i was all, I'll have to seriously look into that!

The Bump: I'm feeling huge. I felt so small and then my shower on Saturday happened and I swear I grew within the hour.  Speaking of that, my two amazing friends Anna & Brandi threw us a baby shower with all of our friends on Saturday. Which I have zero pictures of because I misplaced my phone during the party. It was such a blast, we showed everyone our nursery and Austin made incredible food. We drank virgin mojitos and had a keg, because we know how to have a fun baby shower! Olive got spoiled once again and my mom came in town for the shower! My mom really helped us finish her nursery. We even washed all of her 0-3 months clothes and have them all organized. Its a huge weight off my shoulders for all of that to be done. Moms are the best. After the party our closest friends stayed and we all played catch phrase till 10pm. It will probably be one of my favorite memories from my pregnancy! Even though every time we yelled, olive kicked and wanted to know why it was SO noisy! 

Looking Forward To: Spending these next few weeks focusing on my hypnobirthing routines and affirmations. Taking the days slow and going on lots of walks. Our home visit is this Friday and Im really excited to see our birth tub and go over more of those details. Austin work is throwing us a baby shower this morning to! November is such a great month for us. Now that the house is more together I feel SO much more relaxed and less on edge.

Meaningful moments: Every kick and hiccup. Olive has such a sweet personality. She knows exactly when I need her and she knows when her daddy comes home. She gives us strong kicks and gentle kicks at the perfect timing. She's such a huge part of our every day I can't wait to see her face!

Austin's Thoughts: He wants Olive to share a birthday with him...  I don't think he really does lol I think he just likes the thought of it. He keeps saying "she could be a November baby!"