In the first 3 Weeks::

These first 3 weeks have been exhausting and hard but also perfect and rewarding. I have a lot of mama friends who either just had there baby or are about to have their babies! So I wanted to share a few things that have saved my life in this past 3 weeks besides austin and my mom!

Chamomile tea: To help with babys digestion: I've been brewing this in concentrated batches. I've given Olive a little bit in a bottle and then by drinking it she is getting it in my breastmilk. This has helped our hyperlacation issue immensely. I am crazy.. and I'm sure gripe water is awesome I just opted for chamomile tea. Plus I love chamomile tea so its a win-win. If she gets fussy and I can't calm her at all we give her a few sips in a bottle and then she usually has a big poop explosion!

Placenta Pills: To help yourself:  I won't go into depth on this because I know people get all weird but Im a total believer in these pills. I loved having my placenta encapsulated and they have helped so much. The 2 days I had forgotten to take them I noticed I was all sorts of crazy emotional. If anything they've helped me really balance my emotions. If you have time, i'd research it and make the decision thats best for you. 

Afterbirth Sitzbath: For you & baby: I'd say this is a must. I didn't have any tearing but gosh if I did this would be a lifesaver. Austin made me a hot bath and added this into it daily for a few days after we got home from the hospital. I just took one the other day and plan on taking a few more. Plus once the water cools off I always bring Olive into the bath with me. The herbs are just as healing for her little body as they are for me and I love having that time with her. Austin got mine at Whole Foods but I put a link above where you can order it!

Hand Pump: For you & baby: I LOVE this pump. I have a electric pump as well, but my photographer friend that came over to take our family photos had brought this with her and she swore by it. It's super easy to use and less aggressive than my electric pump. Its also super easy to use in the middle of the night. Since my let down is strong is overwhelms little Olive, So i pump out an ounce really fast, ( while Olive screams because she is apparently starving) and then feed her. I went and bought it that same day and haven't put it down! haha. 

Seventh Generation Diapers: For Baby & Cloth diapering mamas: We love our cloth diapers but our little olive is so tiny she barely fits in the prefolds let alone the regular ones we got her. Even though they are one size fits all, they start fitting around 8lbs. If you are measuring small or baby is measuring under 7 lbs. I would recommend getting a few newborn cloth diapers or using a great disposable diaper! I have loved having these seventh generation diapers. Its a company I trust to put on her little bottom and would recommend if you are using disposable. We mostly use them through out the night. Now that she has finally started fitting in some of her clothes she looks a bit crazy with her cloth diaper bottom so ill use a disposable during the day sometimes to.

Cloth Cotton Wipes: For Baby: I love cloth wipes! We were using Water Wipes (If your using disposable wipes these are great!) for her first week and in the hospital and I loved those. I thought I was going to be bummed switching to cloth wipes but I love them!! We make our own solution ( Olive Oil, a tiny bit of baby wash and hot water) and they are so easy to wash! I also feel like they are so soft on her little bottom. They are super easy to take with in the diaper bag as well. I'd recommend these even if you use regular wipes while out and cloth wipes at home. They will save you so much money and they are easy maintenance. 

Burp Cloths: You & Baby: This one is sort of obvious I guess but I was one of those people who was like "Nah I don't need any burp cloths, My baby won't spit up". Well Thank God my sister in law made me super cute burp cloths because little Olive started spitting up this week and they have been so nice to have around. They've also been super helpful to use when I forget her travel changing pad. We have had so many in the car diaper changes and thanks to a burp cloth we didn't get any mess on daddys car seats! 

and now for some more of Olives 3rd week of life! We have been baby wearing, learning to enjoy being naked after bath time, taking family photos, meeting uncles at airports, crying because being naked is hard and sleeping some more.