1 Month Old

Our Olive has been with us one full month! Can you believe it? I was driving to Denver yesterday with her sound asleep in the backseat and had a total deja vu moment. Austins always been a firm believer that when you have deja vu it means your exactly where your suppose to be doing exactly what your suppose to be doing. I got all teary eyed as I listened to Ben Howard with olive sleeping and the mountain range in site. Life is pretty great and 5 years ago I would not have imagined this to be my life but boy is it such a sweet one that I'm so thankful for. 

I couldn't choose between the 100 photos I got from our home session with Cassidy Brooke! Cassidy has taken our Engagments, wedding and now these and I've also worked with her shooting weddings! I am so thankful we decided to get these done and will cherish them forever!!! Hey maybe I'll even send out Christmas cards this year! 

Onto Olive!

Olive is feisty like her mama and extra snuggly like her daddy. Her favorite things include

• laying in the sun by the window

•the boob like 24-7

• hogging the whole bed

• sleeping on her belly

• being the center of attention

• Good Good father by Chris Tomlin is the only song to get her to stop crying.

She doesn't like pooping , her car seat or a dang paci! (Don't let the pictures above fool you) 

Shes coming around to the idea that baths are fun and getting your diaper changed is not the end of the world

She just lights up our world and we love getting to know her sweet personality more each day. We love you Olive!