a date!

Yesterday Me & Austin got to go on a date! a whole 4 hours while my inlaws watched Olive. We went to breakfast and drank mimosas + bloody marys. Had uninterrupted conversation and even caught a movie! To top that off, Olive slept almost through the night! She just woke up for one feeding so we were in the morning we were in the best moods! Olive included.

These pictures are bloging at its finest. We were looking for this ran down laundry building that is apparently pink but couldn't find it so we settled on this white brick wall, it was 20 degrees and I was freezing and so I kind of over snapping pics but really wanted to show off this suede skirt I recently scored while thrifting for just a few bucks. After realizing I wasn't digging it the combo (or the annoying unevenly cut slip that is showing), I changed when we got home even though our date was over! Because sometimes it just feels nice to be dressed just incase we decided to get crazy and go back out! 

Shirts:Thrifted  Skirt:Thrifted  Shoes: Lucky Brand