Hi!!! Happy Wednesday and welcome to my brand new site! If we were talking in person right now I would let out a huge sigh and take a few deep breaths and then jump up and down in excitement! This year I've set a lot of personal goals along with business goals and well, this is one of them right here! This website has been in the works for months Ive lost sleep dreaming, wondering and praying. I kind of want to sit down and have coffee with each one of you who reads this because its hard to share your heart on the internet. There is a quote on pinterest that says " I'm much cooler on the internet" haha and I love it. Everyone comes off muuuuch cooler online and that life is perfect and its sort of funny. Because we either are trying to hold that expectation up or trying to prove it wrong. Life is messy and extremelyyyyyy beautiful. I want to share the messy beautiful part of life in this space. Don't worry I'll still be sharing my journey on eating raw and embarrassing stories and random outfit posts because... why not!

You'll notice the tab up there that says stories. My goal this year is to capture and get my hands on as many passionate love stories as I can. I want the real good messy stuff. I don't want boring plain jane love. I want the raw unfiltered imperfect love. I want to share stories of redemption, stories that give hope and encouragement to everyone around them. Love has the power of life and death. I want to reach everyone who comes to this space , who I meet in the store or out walking, with love. This project doesn't have limits. Im looking for couples of all ages. I want to share hope and capture people for who they are not who they come off to be!  If you know anyone who has one of these stories and would be up for a few photos and questions I'd love to hear about them.

Thanks for stopping by, checking out my site and following along. This year has already been pretty fantastic and now I'm throwing a bunch of love into the mix. B E S T  Y E A R  Y E T ! ! 

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