8 shirts/ Week 3

Week 3 was all about layering the shirts were easy for me this week but the pants.. I hate pants. Id be pant-less 24-7 all day everyday but I live in colorado where you can layout one day and not be able to drive the next. Since eating raw I've lost 10 lbs so not many of my pants fit me anymore. I've never been a super skin tight pant wearer anyways but now my husband makes sure to tell me about my saggy butt all day everyday. So I'm on the hunt for new jeans/joggers/pants and ill be trying a few diy on my too big not so flattering jeans to still make them work.  Some of you reading this may be like.. 10 lbs.. how or wear but don't we all have places we want to loose weight or put on muscle? It wasn't my goal to loose weight and my body is still adjusting to my new lifestyle so fluctuation is normal. I trust my body and myself to get to the point of where its suppose to be ( by me taking care of it and eating clean). Since eating raw for almost 2 months now I've seen huge differences in my skin, I'm able to think clearer and the flattest stomach I've had. I'm also at that point where I really want to pack on muscle. I feel confident enough where my body is that I can now gain weight without feeling like I'm gaining a bunch of fat. I can't wait to see how much my body changes in a year from now. Not all of the changes has been easily theres lots of detox.. headaches.. me not drinking enough water but thats for another post

1. I was so proud. I actually pulled this top layered sweater out of my giveaway pile. Ive had this sweater for years and have maybe worn it once.. maybe twice. A few friends have worn it and pulled it off but I just haven't been able to part with it. So  finally finding a way to wear it that actually fits my style was a success. 

2. Dress slacks. like I said I have a lot of fancy business clothes. I mixed fancy and casual with a pair of high waisted skinny slack material pants with a cut off vans shirt. Its pretty much like wearing sweat pants while you look like you tried to get ready. 

3. layers all day every day. 4. the only day I didn't layer. 5. throwing a leather detailed blazer over my husbands t and joggers = instant i swear I didn't roll out of bed this morning look.

6. A long sleeve thermal tucked into jeans with my favorite white button up over it. Minimal + Casual. 7. t-shirt under a sweater. Easily to take off and tie around your waist also accomplishing that layered look once again.

Week 3 has been my favorite. I still have quite a bit to go before I consider my closet... purged. But this little project has helped me weed through the shirts that have been lingering that aren't exactly my style and make me think twice before I buy something new even if it is super one sale.