Ready in 15 minutes : TGIF

Getting ready in 15 minutes is perfectly do-able especially if you like that bead head like I do. Austin and I love our mornings. Love is an understatement. We are obsessed with our "morning routine" and never want it to change ever. First we have about 5 alarms go off around 5:45 -6 am. Then we snuggle up a little closer, start opening our eyes and one of us (mostly me) forces the other one (I'm always forcing Austin) to get out of bed. The reward for getting out of bed is snuggling on the couch while the coffee is brewing and watching The Office. If you've read this blog for a while now you know our obsession with the office is super unhealthy. Then one of us (mostly Austin) gets up and makes us both a cup of coffee and comes back to the couch. Where we either keep watching The Office or start talking about our day or dreams we had last night. As time goes on one of us ( mostly Austin ) goes and starts the cars & I start making our breakfast & lunch. For breakfast I have a smoothie and Austin has some sort of breakfast porridge or eggs and for lunch I pack a huge salad and a protein shake for Austin. Then we both rush upstairs to hurry up and get ready, because we have spent every spare second we have cuddling on the couch and waking up together. 

getting ready in 15 minutes ...

  • I go upstairs & turn on my curling iron and pick out my very simple clothes. Mornings like these call for simplicity.  
  • Throw dry shampoo on and a few curls in my hair and some sort of styling paste.
  • I always wear a moisturizer (I never wear foundation) Dr. Hauschka is the BEST! I use this one and this one.
  • a little bronzer some bright light white/cream eye shadow to make it look like tried today and if I'm in the mood some mascara. The one make up item I couldn't live without would be bronzer. I love the effect. (currently am using a color in my NAKED pallet as bronzer)
  • Brush my teeth, change and wha-la the smallest amount of time is spent on my and the most amount of time is spent on my husband! 

What are some of your morning tips or routines? I'd love to hear them!