Oh Hey Full House::

Pink Garage + Overalls = Party!

Californians have been rocking the overall style for some time now and I finally jumped on the bandwagon. Confession: IM IN LOVE. Im actually rocking them two days straight!

After I came downstairs yesterday my cute hubs said "Oh hey full house" And It made me laugh so much. I'm actually named after Full House. Stephanie. Michelle. My mom was a tad bit in love with it ( wasn't everyone?? duh) My brother actually would have been named DJ if he was a girl. So her slight obsession with the show has now come full circle 22 years later back to me rocking my inner soul sisters Stephanie and Michelle Tanner. Thanks Mom.

And now an embarrassing story. So its snowing once again here in colorado. I was meeting some of my best girlfriends at a new Starbucks that opened up and got there a little early. As soon as a I walked in I slipped on the floor and fell right on my but. It was awful. No one helped me and I had like 2 bags and spilled my almond milk and I just got stared at.. insert my flash back to that one time in middle school.. I wanted to cry. Once I got up I made a big scene by saying " don't worry I'm okay!!" and sat down. Then for the next 5 minutes every time I made eye contact with people they literally asked me if I was okay... umm where was your concern when I was on my but on the ground!? haha to top it off my friends weren't here yet so I just put my headphones on and tried not to be seen.  The cool part of the story is that about an hour later I got 3 compliments on my overalls!! so boo ya universe.