Happy Weekend Links:

Last night we we actually acted our age and went out AT 8 pm. We are like total home bodies. so it was nice to get out for a friends birthday and dance the night away with a a bunch of random people + friends! we haven't made memories like that in forever so even though I'm paying for it this morning - hello sore legs - it was just the best!

Here are your weekend links! 

Have any of you bloggers or girls that make their husbands take lots of pictures of them ever read this article. funniest thing evaaaa.

This shirt goes for over $100 at Free People buy it at F21 for $15-$17. Score

More talk on the two llamas that escaped. I'll have a llama tattoo one day.

Love this video. So many people think that being vegan or shopping at health food stores just automatically make you healthy. I can't even start to tell you how many times I've heard " well its from whole foods so it must be healthy" WRONG. A healthy diet just be rich in REAL foods. My favorite saying is "EAT ALIVE STAY ALIVE" take a minute and think ... are you eating fresh foods? Or is your diet mostly made up of microwaved "vegan" dinners or canned / processed/packaged foods? Not all vegans diets are high in nutrition. The main goal in any diet should be to eat alive and nourish your body.

8 Energy cleansing techniques. - interesting.

Make this recipe this weekend! - Drooooooling. 

And lastly, 12 photos of why san diego is better than your home town in the winter. Its especially than this crap weather we've been having here in colorado.boo.