an anniversary

"Sometimes you get lucky and find a soul that grooves with yours"

Baby, we groove. We totally groove. Our love is messy, raw & imperfectly perfect. t w o  years ago today we said there is no plan B! Choosing each other each day, for the rest of our very long lives was the best I DO I ever did agree to!  Sometimes we like to annoy each other, but most times we like to smother each other in love.  Your the husband who gave up his side of the bed for me and who lives to make me belly laugh. Your the man who dares to dream outside the box and leads us on crazy adventures. Your the future father who will one day teach our kids how to tie their shoes {correctly} and to live without f e a r. Your my 24 year old bearded man that I get to snuggle up close to every single night. Your the X to my O and the Green to my Bean. I'm so very thankful that out of the billions of people in this world that  y o u  were made for m e .

Cheers to a billion more self timer photos and every second I get next to you. 

(insert a million heart eyed emojis)