What we've been using lately : 02

Its March, which means SPRING IS NEAR! The sun is out and I recently just made a pair of shorts I'm pretty proud of. I thought it was time for another what we've been using post. We are still dry brushing and using the other oils I posted about here every day but here are some new things we are using or I guess I should say "I have been using" because this is a girly post!

Everyone essential oil - Relax : When it comes to oils we digest, we strictly only use Young Living. BUT when it comes to oils we diffuse we branch out!  We have tried all sorts of concoctions and by far this oil is our favorite blend! We will continue to buy this one over and over again because not only does it smell incredible it IS relaxing!

Dragon Time- By Young Living:  Lets talk Girl. Emotions, hormones, stress, pms.. ugh right? Well Dragon time is an oil that I love! I got this oil for Christmas and 3 months later have finally  started seeing a difference  when its around that time. I start getting all moody this blend is what I reach for!   This blend is made up of:

  • Clary Sage: Contains a phytoestrogen that mimics estrogen function and helps relieve cramps, pms and circulatory issues. 
  • Blue Yarrow: balances hormones and reduces inflammations
  • Lavender: relaxes the balances the body.
  • Jasmine: Is used for muscle spasms, depression and nervous exhaustion
  • Fennel : Is antiseptic, antispasmodic and has a estrogen and hormone-like activity.
  • Marjoram: relieves muscle spasms, calms nerves. Relieves menopasusal symptons and painful periods

You apply one or two to your abdomen or behind your ear. I've always read in a ton of places that this oil helps with infertility. I didn't want to get into it to much here on the blog but if your interested I would definitely look it up, I've read some awesome testimonies. 

Bee Magic: Ive talked about Bee Magic in my last post. Sometimes at Whole Foods they will give out samples and I stash this bad boy in my purse for chapped lips! Mix with a little bit of peppermint and its a life savor! You can also ask for a sample if you haven't used it before just to try it out! 

Moroccan Mint Tea by NUMI: Numi is the best tea out there. They are organic, fair trade and stinking delicious, I swear by them. Whether I'm meeting a friend for coffee or running errands I  always have one of these in my purse. All you have to do is ask for hot water! It is so refreshing! I started carrying tea around with me for almost 2 years now and I have to admit its been so convient. If I'm traveling, or out to eat and not eating but everyone one else is, I  just pull out a tea bag and ask for some hot water.  Some people think that is being cheap but I spend enough money most places I'm at already a cup of free hot water isn't going to kill anyone. ;)

Pacifica - Dreamy Youth : I will always love Dr.Haska and probably will never ever use a different make up but I do love trying didn't moisturizers. Since I don't always wear make up I like to keep this one stashed in my purse to moisturize while I'm out if I feel like I need to freshen up. I LOVE this product and love its little travel size. The best part is it doesn't feel caked on it goes on like a cloud!

Wife Ring: I just wanted to throw it in here because I'm obsessed with my WIFE ring my cute hubs got me on Christmas as part as my gifts. He knew I wanted it for so long and he said he would never get it for me and completely surprised me. I wear it every day sometimes as another band for my wedding ring or on the finger right next to my wedding ring! We will be married for 2 years on March 16th - AHHHHH heart eyed emoji!