Thrifting in style

Happy Monday! I've been in the mood to thrift this month. I go through seasons where I find nothing each time I go and then I'll find something every time. Do you like my awkward selfies at the bottom? I was sending those to my sister. Every time we thrift we send each other a million photos saying... yes? no? maybe? possibility? soo vintage? soon ugly? lol but I before I cut all of these items these are the only photos I have (I was not thinking ahead for this post) 

Dress 1: Total $2 bucks. The material is amazing. Its a little thicker and I love anything with a high neck. I wasn't sure if cutting this with scissors and not having a sewing machine was going to work but because it was so cheap I figured if it didn't work I'd be okay with that. I love how it turned out! I kept it a bit longer in the back and a little shorter in the front. we leave for California in 2 weeks and its pretty much all I can think about + that fringe look is so hot right now.

Dress 2: Total $2 bucks. My first thought of this dress was UGLY. Then I saw all of its CAPE potentials and just had to get it. The fitting room picture doesn't show how long the front was... it was as long as the back and huge on me. While I'm in the fitting room I was playing around with how I wanted it to look and when I got home just cut out the front, again with scissors creating the perfect caped shirt orrrrrr the perfect mullet dress if your into that sorta thing.

Mom Jeans $$2 bucks: Ha I just love how stores actually sell jeans now that they label "mom jeans" my mother in law and I have had a few good laughs about them. BUT I recently re-did some shorts and saw potential in these jeans since they actually fit my waist. My plan all along was to make them into shorts but once I started destroying I thought they were fun. I'll probably end up giving these to my sister when she comes in May but for now ill torture my husband with them. He said they should call them " ex husband jeans" he's was totally joking but it made me laugh. What do you think about mom jeans?  yes or no?

If you want to thrift but you just haven't had any luck yet, my best advice would be not to dismiss an item until you try it on. While trying it on, ask yourself a few questions. 

  1.  Do you like the pattern, material and cut?
  2.  If you have to change it, do you have the tools to change it or is it just going to sit in your closet?
  3.  Is it your style? or will it be once you change it? In the past I would come home with things that weren't my style at all. For instance, those high waisted pants, I love them but they aren't exactly something I'd wear everyday. I had a vision for what I wanted them to look like and I knew I could accomplish it. Lastly, I knew my sister would love them if I didn't so to me they were worth it. 
  4. Can you envision pairing it with clothes you already have? (will it work with your wardrobe?)

I hope this inspires you to feel more confident while getting clothes for dirt cheap! :)

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