a little trip

We spent a few days in New Mexico with family last week and then made it back in time to get some work done and get in a nap or two. It was nice taking a break and getting to spend some extra time together. I love traveling, but there is something about my own bed that is irresistible. 

 funny story. last year sometime my mother in law showed us this show where this guy builds Earthships and the houses are made out of recycled materials and all of that jazz. It's a pretty hippy show and thing to do and they were laughing about how they could see me and austin doing something like that. Well my other mother in law while we were in New Mexico without knowing that story happened to stumble upon the head quarters of the Earthships. So we ended up touring the facility. Austin and I kept laughing and saying who would of thought we would be in the middle of no where New Mexico touring the facility of a show we watched a year ago. hahaha. As much fun as it was, I don't see us buying an Earthship anytime in the future. Unless the world goes to shit, then yes. While being out in the middle of no where we also made it to a hot springs spa. The coolest thing about the spa besides none of them smelling like sulfur was they had a mud bath. You literally coated yourself in mud let it dry and then soaked in more mud. It was so fun and definitely something I will remember. The other picture is showing my extreme love for llamas. I told the shop owners that I wanted it for our nursery, in hopes they'd give it to me lol butttttt that wasn't the case. We saw llama stuff everywhere and its kind of like my dorky obsession. Seriously considering making our nursery llama themed.

If you follow me on Instagram you'd know we are anxiously awaiting the results of our gender test. I really thought we would have received that email last Wednesday and was super bummed when it wasn't coming through, and still hasn't. So you can find me checking my phone email every 5 seconds waiting to find out if we are having a little girl or little boy.

*Every item of clothing except my bathing suit was thrifted and I'm super proud of that. I'll be back to share some summer thrifting tips later this week