be here now

I'm all about my basics(lately) and then I come across pieces like this and just melt. This kimono almost has some sort of drop waist on it (I guess we'll call it that) so its extra cape like which equals total heart eyes for a girl like me. It's finally summer weather over here in Colorado and as much as I completely adore it I have caught myself dreaming of fall. Every piece of clothing I put on I'm like "oh I can imagine this in the fallllllll" "The fall is so romantic, and this kimono is romantic" haha and my thoughts just keep going. So I let myself day dream for a quick second while I'm standing in my closet and then force myself to come back to the present. I'm really working on being in the now instead of the "one days". It's very easy for me to always live in the future and I feel like thats sort of cheating yourself out of life. Time passes and I'll wonder where I was and I'll realize I was daydreaming of being somewhere else ...  yeah just all me Walter Mitty. It broke me to realize I live like this so often, it's not fair for myself or others. It's always not a very good feeling to feel like I'm always "wanting" something. (Like wanting it to be in the future) So if you have any tips on how to be a normal human being, id love to here!

Tank: Thrift  Shorts:Thrift  Kimono:Thrift