half way/ 20 weeks

Half way! Can you believe it? Baby is kicking and moving like crazy. We mostly toss and turn through the night, little girl likes to party hard! i've gotten over it because I'm to young to sleep anyways!

Weight gain: 7 pounds 

- I'm gonna say 3 lbs went straight to my tots. because they need some credit.

- 3 lb of baby/placenta-ness and fluids

- 0 lbs to my butt. not sure who's more bummed about this. me or austin!

- 1 lb of greek yogurt. because thats my easiest way to pack on protein. 

Baby Size: Baby girl is the size of a Banana. She's not quite a pound by herself yet but is a happy active baby.

Current Cravings: thai, indian, mexican. give me all the flavor in the world. and extra hot sauce!

The Bump: I officially feel pregnant but then some days ill get dressed and I look the same as I did pre-pregnancy. Which I'm not complaining at all about. Im okay with a little 7 pound baby! I'm not okay with how much I have to eat. If I'm not constantly snacking I still get pretty nauseous so its lentil chips and apples pretty much every other hour.

Looking Forward To:  Our upcoming showers that people have offered to throw for us. we feel so loved. Also Fall! The fall with my baby girl inside of me may be the best time in my entire life. I've always dreamed of that moment plus, I'm over the heat of summer. I know she's going to love it just as much as I do.

Meaningful moments: The first time Olive and I partied at 3am. I wasn't even mad about it. I just got to lay there feeling her bounce around while I creepishly watched Austin be fast asleep.  We pray a lot during that time of night. its peaceful.

Austin's Thoughts: Olive sometimes kicks to the sound of his voice. If she hasn't moved in a while Austin will come talk to her and almost every time she has moved. Sometimes he's walked away and about 30 seconds later she will start moving. ( its precious) He says that he's teaching her his schedule because he doesn't want her to be napping when he comes home. When I asked him what he wanted me to write for this he said what I wrote above and then he said this. " I Love watching you become a mom and speaking like she's here and you have to take care of her already." completely melted me.