Thrifty Tuesday:

Bring a set amount of mula!

hey! I'm actually sticking to thrifty Tuesday this week but I did forget to take photos! so here are some completely irrelevant photos from last march. When i was pregnant and didn't know!

It is so easy to get carried away while thrifting. Everythings so cheap, it sort of feels like christmas! I'd be the first to raise my hand when it comes to buying stuff that I've never used before and just re donated it later. It's really easy to buy something you "sort-of like" because its a few bucks instead of skipping it and buying that one cool piece you found and leaving. It's easy to go into the fitting room and be like well, it fits me so I should get it, I am thrifting after all so I might as well buy it all. But in most cases at least a quarter of those items are never going to be worn.

The easiest way I've prevented myself from making this mistake is putting a budget on myself every time. I rarely ever spend over $20. Most cases I leave with 2 items under $10. Since I go often ( to relieve stress I usually stick with under $20) So in those situations when I'm debating to get something and have to put something back to stick with my budget, I'm going to put that item back that I didn't really love that much anyways and won't think twice about. 

Your best friend when it comes to sticking to your budget and thrifting is time. Time changes everything. If you aren't in a rush we will have time to go "okay do I LOVE this or is it just okay? Does it go with my wardrobe at home? Can I wear it with things I already have?" 

There has been a few situations that I've been like "dang it, I should have got that dress or shirt or whatever it was" and those situations usually always haunt me. But in more situations I've felt really good being able to say No and getting use out of the items I do buy.

Happy Thrifting!