a babe and a name::

We are having a baby girl! yup you heard me right!! a GIRL. I don't think I can explain the excitement and tears that were shed when we finally received that email from our midwife letting us know the baby inside of me is a GIRL. We really really wanted a girl, like hoped and prayed but really felt like we were having a boy. Everyone would say, your having a boy and we were so happy either way. But when we got that email we keep looking at each other saying I can't believe we're having a girl! It's crazy how you feel like you have no more room in your heart, but yet your heart keeps growing leaps and bounds in size and love.

Okay and for the record, writing with sparklers is NOT easy. Hence why austin did most of it! Everyone makes it sound like its simple, its not! we got impatient waiting for it to be dark out because we wanted to go watch fireworks so we ended up doing this inside. Caution, don't do this inside! You will burn your rug to smithereens! really be patient and wait for it to get dark out. 

and now... if you've made it through this giant post! We did it! We have a name for a our little girl.  Names are powerful things and we agreed on one! drum roll...........

Olive Darling Pollock.

So now we can hashtag #olivedarling like all the other instagram babies! #theimportantthingsinlife

Olive's come from Olive Branches which usually symbolizes peace or victory. (not to mention very greek-ish which I'm all over that since my family is very greek. we even thought about spelling it in greek because it is beautiful but really love it more in english)In the bible an olive branch is brought to symbolize peace and usually carried by a dove which symbolizes favor from the holy spirit. It's really that simple. This baby is such a gift to us and especially in lets just say "unique" time in our lives she really is going to bring such a peace to us and obviously carry the favor of God because we all walk in that favor. But through her whole life I really believe she will walk with just a peace and when she walks into a room, people will notice how she has a peaceful essence about her. 

Praying for this little baby is the funniest thing I tell ya! Also I know that usually everyone waits to share a name but all of our friends and pretty much every stranger we have told already knows. thats just kind of how we roll!

* our neighbors dog kept photoboming us because he was afraid of the fireworks. So now we have ourself a little family portrait.