Thrifting Tips:

Over the last few months I've had some awesome luck while thrifting. I get questions about it all the time and wanted to share some tips. I recently scored a brand new $100 ASOS dress in perfect condition for $6 bucks. You just have to look!

ooooooo overwhelming right! Here a few steps on how to enjoy it!

Be Creative & Patient: Grab a coffee before you go and relax. Don't thrift in a rush, unless you are a pro. Thrifting in a rush most times leave you with nothing but wasted time. You have to be patient and really look most of the time for those hidden gems that become total steals later on. 

Don't Judge a book by its cover: This is the best tip I could have ever learned from my mom. She always made me try on EVERYTHING before I said no. Trying on things has made some of the ugliest items become my go to items because I saw the potential they had. So if you see something but you aren't sure, give it a chance because it might become your new favorite thing.

Know what trends your looking for: I always have an idea of what I'm looking for. If thats a dress or a pair of jeans or shoes I always have a vision.  This helps me not feel overwhelmed by all the junk in the store. I can walk into one area and know what I'm looking for and usually find it. 

Wear your underwear: Haha but really. Wear good enough undergarments that you don't feel all weird trying on clothes that you know if they are clean or not. Then visualize those clothes outside of the "thrift store smell" and in your closet. Can you see yourself wearing it? or is it just going to sit there?

Know the sale days: this isn't the most important tip but does come in handy. It's nice to score things for a buck or two but on non sale days those items are around $4 or $6 so to me thats not a huge loss. Even though I do LOVE when I stumble upon a sale. Sometimes sale days can be really busy so try going on a few and if its to overwhelming with the grandmas and their harassing carts go on an off day.