Thrifty Tuesday:

Lets see if I can keep this little series up. Each week I'm hoping to bring some small tip when it comes to thrifting to this space.  This week while thrifting don't be afraid of the daunting shirt section! I use to NEVER look through the shirt section ever! I hated it, I still sort of do BUT my sister always finds something so I decided if she can, I can! Nothing like a little friendly competition right? So lately, I have buckled down and I make it my last search spot. I look through dresses and shoes first and whatever else I'm feeling and then before heading to the fitting room I go through the shirts. The key is to always have a vision of what you are looking for. Like oh a white shirt or a striped shirt or an oversized shirt (skip right over your normal sizes).

This boho gem gives any outfit an instant color pop. The pattern is unique and not something your going to see everyone wearing. The key here is to try everything on! I've gotten so many compliments on this shirt.  

I probably wouldn't ever wear this shirt tied up with this low of pants on out of the house but ill go ahead and post a picture online haha. All my high waisted pants aren't fitting me at the moment and I didn't feel like changing because ...comfort! Try taking a simple t-shirt and fold the sleeves and knot it. Changes your life I tell ya. Or tuck it in, because untucked its just sort of plane and square. Tucked or knotted changes the whole shirt. 

Why is it that stripes always look blurry online? I use to think that all shirts had to be "fancy" or else I couldn't wear them out. They had to be some sort of nice material or have some fancy detail. But since I've simplifying I'm all about v-necks and stripes and shirts that make me feel good because thats all that matters. Before you go diving into the shirt section remember what type of shirts you usually wear and then look for that material that pops out or if you tend to wear a lot of one color, save time and skip to that color of a shirt.