Happy Monday! How was your weekend? We spent ours working and relaxing. On Saturady both our schedules were filled with meetings and then later we grilled and had a big fire with a bunch of friends. Later that night Olive was being so active. So as soon as I said "she's kicking" 5 of our friends got up and came and felt her.  It was so sweet and almost all of them felt her move, I almost cried on the way home thinking about her. I also invited all of my friends to 7am yoga, yeah you heard me 7am on a Sunday and gave them all the stink eye and told them they better not over sleep and then I over slept!!! I had one of those dreams where I truly thought I was awake and already at yoga and then woke up at 7:04. FAIL! I felt awful but I have great friends for them actually still going!

Last night we re-arranged our whole room! Our  upstairs is like one big loft its probably around 1000 square feet so we decided we would share that space when Olive comes. So last night we started re-arranging and making plans for how were gonna work it all out. Austin's also making us a new head bored and painting and all this handy man work, gosh I'm so thankful I'm not a guy. Im sooooooo not into math and figuring out exactly how to do things, i'd whim it and then it would probably look awful! But to finish off the day we went for a little drive through the mountains and Austin found the coolest spot. He's good like that.  It felt like fall and it was making me feel all the feels!! I'm not sure how long we'll live here but man am I thankful for all the memories we get to make with these gorgeous views! 


Happy monday friends!  

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