How is it Monday again and so fast? Last week and this weekend flew by and at the moment time seems to be flying. Over the weekend Austin looked at me and said " this is one of the last times it will be me and you ever again and I have to soak every moment up." It hit him over the weekend that in a few months it will be us & Olive not just us for the rest of our lives. It was sweet to see how excited he was for her to come but also how much he wanted to soak up just us while we can. We have a surprise date on thursday that he's had in the works and he's the best at surprises so I know it will be really fun. I also have been looking into a little "babymoon". We are going to Chicago in September, Texas in October and then we have family coming in November and its Austins 25th birthday! So I'm not really sure when or how we are going to find a moment to get away + I can't fly around the time I'm wanting to go! (tickets to portland were under $100 bucks and I was so bummed when austin pointed out that it would be to late in my pregnancy to travel by plane.) So if anyone has any simple yet relaxing baby moon ideas I'd love if you shared!

Over the weekend I had a family session that kept getting rescheduled because of the thunder storms but it gave us time to paint the upstairs, the same color white haha and redo our headboard. We ran some errands and then our neighbors were throwing a pretty big back to school party for their kids school so we went over there and mooched food and drink and conversation for a little bit. I seriously had the best virgin mojito of my life. I'm still dreaming about it. And all of that was pretty exhausting for this mama to be so I instantly came inside and fell asleep on the couch and then woke up at 3am and watched a movie... insomnia anyone?

Happy Monday everyone! 

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