Thrifty Tuesday::

This week were keeping it simple and I'm giving you a throwback of photos from this post.

This weeks tip is all about simply asking the staff questions at your local thrift stores. If your wondering when they restock shoes.. just ask. Besides the few grumps most staff are really nice. Especially at  goodwill, they are the best and really friendly. For me, I love the older ladies that are at the register and getting to know them or simply being friendly has its perks! Last week I asked when there fall/winter stuff would start showing up again because DUH i really can't wait anymore and have been bored thrifting knowing that fall is coming! But to my surprise he said they start August 24th!

So do yourself a favor and go ask your local thrift store peeps when the fall stuff is coming. because over sized sweaters are always a win in my book.