Happy Monday! How was your weekend? Our weekend was the perfect weekend! Want to know why? Oh just because my husband took naps and relaxed at home with me after a super busy week. We've been working super hard and long on our own businesses and boy sometimes it is exhausting! I just keep reminding myself there's no success without sacrifice! On Sunday we made plans to drive up these switch backs but turns out its a private community and you can't. Instead we made pancakes and stayed in bed alllllll day long. We made lists, and dreamed and napped and talked about rearranging. I was one happy camper. Baby girl jumped around and put on a little show for us as well, so thats always a plus! We did escape the house to make it to a quick yoga class but besides that my weekend was spent exactly where I wanted it to be. Snuggling with my husband.

Oh and I swear I do iron my clothes. But when your laying in bed or sitting they get all wrinkly, and you guessed it, I wasn't a genius and didn't think to take a few photos until AFTER the wrinkles had set in realllll nice on this little jumper! I recently thrifted this jumped after sending my hubs pics in the fitting room asking if it worked with the belly or not, he said it works so it works! 

I hope your Monday is full of coffee and speedy clocks!

Romper/Thrifted  Shoes/F21 (old but I sure do love them)