24 Weeks/ 6 Months!

Theres photos were taken way to early in the morning when we rolled out of bed. I thought it was funny how different mine and austin skin tone is. I always forget and then I see photos like this and can't help but laugh at how different we are. What will Olive look like!!? 

Baby Size: baby girl is a size of a cantaloupe! So of course we had to take a photo like this, heres Austin being extremely inappropriate. ;)  and even tho my belly isn't the size of a watermelon yet it adds to the drama of it all!

Current Cravings: MISO soup. Have I gotten it yet. NO do I need it? YES. MISO MISO MISO.

The Bump: I love my little baby girl bump. its hard to believe she is the size of a cantaloupe, I'm going to think she's a small cantaloupe. but her kicks are STRONG. Austin & I like to watch my stomach do the wave. You know these are things that I've dreamt about my whole life, so its slightly odd yet insanely incredible.  

Looking Forward To: Chicago! Chicago Chicago! FALL in Chicago is our favorite memory. So to be able to be preggo with Olive in the city is going to make me all sorts of emotional. Also to see all of our family. I truly just love going to Chicago any chance I get, There's something about that city that just makes my heart full. Olive only likes to kick for me and Austin, so I'm hoping she shows off all of her fancy tricks to my mom and aunts!

Meaningful moments:  an ultrasoundddddddddd! We had an ultrasound today. In the beginning of this pregnancy we said we weren't going to get any ultrasounds. The natural birth world is a little intense and I felt pressured not to get a single ultrasound because you don't really need them.  But then I just really wanted one and wanted to see her. Then we had one on the 4th of July because of a little scare then my midwife told me if I wanted one for piece of mind we could get one ... and I cried over it because I felt so torn. But we decide to go ahead and get one more and she is perfect! She is good, my fluids and placenta are great as well incase you were wondering! It was so funny because the woman who was doing it was trying to do all of this stuff and Olive was in the most curled up head down position. She was all " I don't want to be seen right now lady!" and she did not like being poked! We couldn't help but laugh and think it was really funny and though the woman was a little frustrated because she was trying to do her job I thought it was hilarious and it reminded me that Jesus is in total control and no one can manipulate our sweet girl to do anything! Oh and we also found out that she is 1 pound 5 oz!

Austin's Thoughts: He can't get over that she weights over a pound. He seriously thinks she's so small and when we heard that he was like WHOA she is so big, she has grown so much, I'm so proud!. I have a little over 3 months left to go so I'm sure she'll pack on the pounds. (I'm secretly hoping for a 6 pound baby but shhhh) We also found out that she may or may not have Austins CHIN! at-least in the sort-of-kind-of profile we got of the top of her face its really looking like she has inherited Austin chin. Oh and my arms, for sure she has the longest arms.So that was pretty fun, I love hearing his reactions but I love experiencing this together. Even if we are completely wrong about her features ill never forget these little moments!