Okay, Maybe it's only me but getting dressed last last week was a struggle and I was living it up in Austin's clothes(My pregnant belly was like party party party!) of course the whole 2 times I wore his stuff out and about I ran into all of these people I know or friends of friends who follow my blog. Hello ruined first,second and third impressions! Not that I care that much but I swear I shower and get dressed most days but sometimes austins clothes are just so much more comfortable and I'm just keeping it real! I'm gonna make it into a new trend sooooooo #wearyourhubsclothes.

This weekend we had a lot of time which is rare! We took full advantage with fall felling morning walks that baby girl loved, dirt road drives and made a big Mexican feast. *correction Austin made a huge Mexican feast. I had two photography meetings and I just have to say I love my clients! I'm excited for the fall sessions I have coming up!

 We also planned out our maternity session and I have to say October can't come soon enough! We signed up for our hypnobirthing class and I'm so excited about it because she was completely booked and someone pulled out so there was a spot for us! I might have fallen asleep listening to my "relaxing cd" and Austin was like I can't tell if that's a good thing or not! I'm probably suppose to stay awake and be relaxed but I definitely passed out and didn't even make it half way. Practice makes perfect?  But if you haven't ever looked into hypnobirthing you should! The books I've read so far are 🙌🏼.