Thrifty Tuesday::

Tuesday Thrift post on a Wednesday again because sometimes I feel like pregnancy just be defined as taking naps in bed. I've struggled with feeling guilty with how much time I've had to be resting but I know I'm doing the best I can and doing whats right for me. 

This week is all about the mens section. With Fall literally right around the corner (holla!) everyone pull out there flannels! Lets be honest, flannel season is my 2nd most favorite time of the year. Because you can wear your husbands clothes! ( if you read back to Mondays post you know I'm all about that!) Some girls like to spend big bucks on oversized flannels from name brand stores and I have to say the best flannels I've ever worn were thrifted. They have that perfect amount of worn in look, its easy to find one oversized and its not a million bucks! If you've followed along for a while you know I'm a black skinny jean, ankle boot oversized shirt kind of girl. When it comes to summer I'm mostly in slouchy dresses because I've never ever been one to really wear tight fitted clothes. When I do, my husband loves it but he also knows that I love a little grunge look and loves that about me. 

So remember while thrifting don't ignore the mens section. One if you pick up something for your man he'll be extra happy but two, its really where you find your perfectly fitted unfitted white tee's and your worn in flannel shirts. Also Sweaters but thats another subject for another time! You could always try bleaching the bottom of a flannel to achieve the look above. I'm finally going to do that with a few i just bought.

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