Happy Monday! Over the weekend we had a fire with friends and then we were going to have a little dinner party which got cancelled. So that turned into me AND Austin falling asleep at the wee hour of 8:30. Aren't we just young and dangerous?  but if I'm being honest, I actually had a little bit of a stressful weekend. You know one of those times that you can't get your brain to stop spinning and you constantly have everything you NEED to get done but also everything you just WANT on your mind. We have so many exciting things coming up, photoshoots, showers, honey lattes, dates, christmas! *ahem our baby girl being born ahem. But sometimes its just really overwhelming. I kept counting backwards from 50 to try and stop my mind from thinking but its not working. Austins great at making me laugh and taking my mind off silly things but do you ever just have a flood of thoughts linger in your head no matter what?

After I took these I realized my rubber-band is showing.(well my *pony tail because who keeps rubber bands lying around? at least my shirt was right side out.) Which made me laugh but it also made me realize that I probably won't be able to get away with the rubber-band pants trick because my shirts are to short. Which then brought me into a spiral of needing this weather to change asap so I can wear big sweaters and it not be 91 degrees out. The things austin has to listen to, he's a saint! 

I know in the end clothes are just clothes and things are just things. And that life will pass and time doesn't stop. So I'm trying really hard to just let all these worries go and trust God with our upcoming seasons. I think I forget that just like the seasons change so does life and with that comes the opportunity to embrace the change instead of pointlessly worry about it. 

Thanks for following along and as always, i hope your Monday is wonderful! maybe it even feels like a friday? but that would be just a tease so we will hope it feels like a tuesday! not quite a monday not quite a temptress.