Thrifty Tuesday:

I wanted to continue this little series and share with you why I make a point to look at tags/brands while thrifting.

I usually make sure to check the brand for quailty. A lot of older items were made a lot better than things these days. (Side note * I don't ever re thrift items from target or tj max because most likely those items would have been just as cheap on their clearance rack brand new, so why would I pay the same price for it used when it will probably fall apart.) Whenever I have a friend thrifting with me we always say something like "wow that looks like it's from.... Free people or wow this is from Barneys or this pair of jeans is usually over $300 etc.. And as weird as it sounds it does kind of make you like the item more because you know their value. You know it's quality and when you are able to score something you had in mind + a quality brand its a win-win. I've said it before but there really is a lot of junk you have to dig through to find the gems. 

Before i went on Saturday I had something like this in mind and I thought I recognized the brand from anthropologie but once I googled it it came up from buckle. Which isn't the best example to use but its my most recent and will definitely hold up for this fall.  It's also really fun to check brands when it comes to shoes. Ive seen some pretty awesome itialian designer shoes for dirt cheap and in awesome condition. My sister also found a pair of boots from Barneys New York that are work over 1000. So if you have the time take a quick second and google the brand.

Happy Thrifting!I'd love to hear any tips from you!