Happy Monday! I'm currently getting my hair done while I write this and dreaming of Chicago because we leave in 2 days!  This weekend was pretty much spent cleaning and running errands and driving back and forth to Denver to return things. Do you ever buy things you know your gonna return them  because you really don't love them but just want to get out of the store? I do this all the time. This is why I just thrift and refuse to walk into nordstroms where they treat you like royalty and make you purchase useless things you then feel guilty about later. Sorry nordstroms I'll take my grumpy thrift staff over you any day! Haha am I the only crazy one? 

I learned two important lessons this week. One. I will only be able to carry a clutch for 90 more days.... Because then I will have a baby in my hands. And second if you notice above the bump is winning over the bootay. Our poor children have zero hope on that department. 

Hope you have a great week!