I'm still in chicago so this will be fast but wanted to wish you all a happy monday! These pictures were taken on the street we use to live on in the city. It was called Surf St. which is kind of funny because we had just moved from Florida to Chicago and happened to pick an apartment on surf. very fitting. We spent yesterday in the city with our friends showing them all of our old stomping grounds and bar hopping. I of course enjoyed lots of water and french onion soup because the city was in full blown FALL. My heart couldn't be any happier either. I looked at austin and cried and kept saying why did we move? why did we move away? Theres such an energy about Chicago that makes you feel like you an can conquer it all and one day I really want to have a place in the city to call our own. but I'm getting all emotional back to happy things! We had our baby shower this weekend with friends and family and it was a blast! It was so fun getting to see everyone and having them feel olive. She got so spoiled I can't even handle it. I can't wait to get home and unpack all of her precious little baby things. This mama is feeling all the feels and I'm so excited for this very moment in life right now. 

I'll share some pictures from my shower tomorrow! 

p.s i will be living in this romper. There is so much room and its the softest material. I've had my eyes on one from Hatch GIRL ( in my dreams its like $200) so when my mom came across this i KNEW it was meant for me before and after pregnancy. If your into rompers, RUN to your nearest F21 and pick this bad boy up.

Romper:F21( and you NEED IT) Shoes:Target Shirt:Thrifted Bag:Thrifted