photo dump::

Here's a huge photo dump from our week in Chicago! It included the best cakes, lots of selfies, car naps and lots of friends and family! I've been going through all of olives new things and just tearing up over one how cute everything is and spoiled we are but two that in 2ish months we will have a baby to fill all of these clothes and baby things.  

We had a blast in the city. We got to love on and tickle little Harper (my sisters baby) . She is such an amazing mom and watching them together melted me. Harper turns one in October and is already walking and trying so hard to hold a conversation! We explored the city and our old neighborhood and ate lots of yummy food! We went on a boat tour with our friends one night because I lived in Chicago almost my whole life and hadn't ever been. It down poured the whole time and we were all in those rain ponchos with makeup down our faces and drinks in hand it was super fun and I wish I had more pictures than just a foggy city but the best memories sometimes aren't captured. We of course ate lots at Greek town and stood in like for 40 minutes for Garret's popcorn #worthit. We went to the Lincoln park zoo to see my baby rino King! He is huge now and of course I felt all emotional seeing him! And we went to our favorite rooftop bar where I was pretty sure I was the only one sober yet still had a blast. Gosh I just love the city. 

Our shower was lovely! My mom sure knows how to spoil us. I only snapped two photos of the details which is lame!! My mom made little infused olive oil party favors which were amazing and fit perfectly for us! We had huge balloons and a little photo wall. I wanted to take a picture with each guest but that didn't end up happening! So many people to catch up with and see. But I did get a few! My friend Brandi did the games and she did them so tastefully! One of my favorites was an alphabet book! She had everyone draw a letter of the alphabet and a word to go along with it. It will be so special to read to Olive one day.

We feel so loved and I can't wait to go back to the city to introduce little Olive to everyone who already loves her so much!