28 Weeks

Happy Third Trimester to us little one! Since being in our third trimester you have found my ribs and packed on a few more pounds. Landing us at 13 pound weight gain and feeling full. Somehow you still have 4-6 more pounds to grow which is hard for me to imagine but I'm welcoming the weight with open arms. I have to remind myself that my body is meant to birth and grow you and part of that comes with gaining weight. It's a beautiful thing and nothing to be ashamed of. Since being in the third trimester I've also started to have really detailed dreams of your birthday and how special and relaxing it will be. Your daddy keeps reinsuring me it will be beautiful and I know just like our wedding day the presence of the holy spirit will be strong. 

Baby Size: a large eggplant! Now she can blinks her eyes and has beautiful long eye lashes! We are finally starting to believe that she weighs 2 pounds because out of no where my belly has grown!

Current Cravings: nothing that stands out. French onion soup has been on my mind and now that she is the size of an eggplant I'm like ooh ratatouille sounds good! 

The Bump: growing strong! in the past 3 days olive has been wedged up under my ribs and doing the wave all day long. We laid in bed and played with her for little bit yesterday. we'd poke her she'd poke us back. I've been feeling a lot more movement during the daytime which is a big change because usually she was sleeping all day and partying all night. Now apparently its just a 24 hour party in there! Her kicks have been so strong and sometimes make me jump because I'm not expecting them. I was getting a little upset and then remembered to practice my breathing from our hypnobirthing classes and I calmed right back down. 

Looking Forward To: the back rubs I get while practicing hypo birthing! (thanks austin!) and I started going to the chiropractor. My hips within the past 2 weeks have been moving so much and it was uncomfortable. Like there was days I felt like I couldn't walk but I keep reminding myself that my body was meant to birth. its a natural thing and I can do it pain free! our classes are not only helping me with pregnancy I feel like I'm changing my thinking and the way I process certain moments in general as well. 

Meaningful moments: While at our last midwife appointment our midwife found her little foot like right under my ribs and we would press it and shed kick! It was funny and uncomfortable but I loved it! Our shower was this past weekend and i just finished folding and sorting all of her little baby clothes and kept tearing up thinking she will be here in no time to fill them all.

Austin's Thoughts:  Austin has loved putting together her swing and little baby things. I think I hold up the same piece of clothing to him every day and I'm like LOOK she'll fit in THIS LITTLE THING. but the most fun he's had is still feeling her HUGE kicks when he comes home from work and I'd have to agree they truly are the best.

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