Happy Monday! Is my tiredness showing??! This weekend was great but I felt exhausted the whole time and now looking at these photos I feel like I look exhuasted but don't mind me, just look at those pretty aspens! We took a quick drive up the mountain the get a taste of fall because down here in the springs its still 80 something every day and annoying the heck out of me. I walk outside and I'm like is the sun ever gonna go away?! haha just call me the grinch of summer, I don't want it around anymore! (I know, I know I'll regret saying this) I've tried really hard to not complain about pregnancy and this weekend that was hard. I have gotten a bit (understatement) uncomfortable and have this whole acid reflex/heart burn thing going on... Olive better come out with lots and lots of hair if this is how its going to be for the next 11 weeks. I could seriously lay in bed all day but I know I have to get up and going and fold tiny baby clothes and put them away in her brand new dresser we just got. Its an antique and nothing like I imagined we'd get her but I love it and so does Austin so thats a double score. I cant wait to share a few pictures of her space once we start putting it together. We have our maternity photos next week and I can't wait, I'm crossing my fingers all the pretty aspens don't die on us before then!

Well I hope your monday is full of Energy and ZERO heart burn but if your growing a baby know that I'm right there with ya! ;)