the slums

Ah lately, I've felt soo unlike myself. Very slumish, nothings quite fitting right and I'd rather be in my husbands boxers and t-shirt than put on "real" clothes. I never thought I'd feel this way and it needs to stop! So every day I've started trying a little harder to get back to my natural routine and to start feeling better about myself. The easiest thing lately has been curling my hair because it lasts for days on end and making sure I moisturize. I use a night cream thats amazing but I also use a tinted moisturizer that I love. Just making sure I do these little things makes me feel slightly normal and like I have control over something!

 We went to a movie last night and instead of bumming it out I decided to feel myself again and embrace my bump in the clothes I have left. These jeans are actually non-maternity and I didn't have to rubber band them! ( you guys the small accomplishments these days mean everything haha) now that didn't stop me from unbuttoning them once we sat down!  and even though looking back at these I'm not sure if I would pair these 2 shirts together like ever again I felt good. But by the way, these booties are a dreeeeeam. I have them in black to and the little heel makes me feel so much put together and they are SO comfortable. The brown ones had to be broken in for a day or two but now I could never take them off. 

Hey mamas, I'd love to hear your tips on how you maintain the feeling of "being yourself" while growing a human inside of you!?

  • Booties:Lucky Brand
  • Jeans:F21
  • Sweater:F21
  • Shirt:Thrifted