26 Weeks

We are ALMOST in our Third Trimester! one more week and then me and our sweet girl will enter into the final stages of pregnancy. I can't believe it!

Baby Size: a large head of lettuce. and not quite 2 pounds

Current Cravings: nothing really that stands out. I've been starting to crave tea over coffee but that could just have to do with the weather.

The Bump: I've said it before but I'm not one to wear tight fitting clothes often so when I do austin and our friends all make sweet comments about my bump. Including " wow your so tiny, your really just gonna blow up over the next few months" hahaha. friends. gotta love them. I had my first stranger touch my stomach! And in that moment, I was like I'm going to forever remember this lol.

Looking Forward To: our birth class this week. We'll be practicing lots of relaxation methods and I'm super excited. This mama needs to learn how to relax. To be honest, I'll probably fall asleep but I'm still looking forward to it. 

Meaningful moments: everyone has a different pregnancy. and we've been careful who to share certain things with because we don't really care for peoples opinions and want to share things with people who are going to support us and who believe what we believe. That being said, we've had a few little scares like I've stated before without going into to much TMI on this ole blog. So with that being said every time something may happen, we lay down and ask olive to kick or flip and just move for us and she does. every time. She really is so involved in our lives already and its that much more reinsuring when she responds to us. Our sweet little girl.

Austin's Thoughts: We are both just excited for her to be here. We still definitely value the time that is just us but its like knowing what your gift will be for christmas but not opening it up until christmas! pure torture/ total excitment haha. Austin also gets to dive into the perks of our hypnobirhting class and he is much better at relaxing then me.