Happy Monday! This three day weekend has been giving me major heart eyes. Sleeping in, mini road trips and delicious food!. We went up the Breckenridge for some killer views and some FALL weather. It was 81 in the springs and 55 in Breckenridge!!. I kept saying " Austin I just love this weather sooooo much" and he kept saying, I know thats like the hundredth time you've said it steph! You guys, Fall seriously makes my heart explode.  I always wish we live in Mountain towns and then I always get creeped out by them at some point during our trip and I'm happy we live where we do. But I wouldn't get creeped out by these views! I seriously wish we lived this high, I'd be out here every day overwhelming all of you with them! Our self timer was refusing to focus on us but we finally got some non-blurry ones! We always take the second photo pose every where we go. It's really fun because we have a ton of photos just like that of all different backgrounds and its just a little special memory we like to make together! We're going to frame them all next to each other someday, which will either be insanely cool or insanely self absorbed. 

While in breck we stopped in the sweetest little kids clothing boutique. It's was beautiful! Austin hasn't been with me while I've gathered some vintage pieces for our little Olive so when he started picking out a few things I about melted. We picked out two really sweet outfits and we both noted that they were grey. Even at the register they were grey and then when we magically got home they were, a light olive green. I KID YOU NOT. It was like one of those whole is the dress blue/black or white/gold situations! but we've even showed a few people and they say green to so oddly that worked out because you know I'm totally going to eat up dressing her in an Olive green color.

If you have today off I hope your enjoying the extra time to relax, or ill be doing!(sigh)