so here we have me being super indecisive about my first 2016 outfit because the first outfit of the year defines you right? (total sarcasm folks). At first I thought no hat and yes to the faux fur. and then just like that I was over the fur and onto the hat

and then I felt so awkward taking pictures without my preggo belly or without olive in my arms on my neighbors driveway, next to some dead weeds so I just had to go grab her.

because lets be honest, Olive steals the show.

so far this year my biggest goal is to get both of us dressed everyday with the exceptions of weekends.were shooting for the stars with this one! but really this year I want to be more intentional. Put my phone down a bit more, make it to that 8pm yoga class oncee, hey maybe twice a week, kiss my husband a little longer, travel a little more, share more about raw foods, mother the heck out of my sweet darling and have extra grace for myself and others.. I'll share a little more on these later this week. Happy New Year!