A few weeks ago while we were driving in the middle of no where we came across all these llamas! I about died and made Austin pull over to snap some photos ... I wished I could get closer but then again I'm tottaly afraid of them. Last year we were at the Texas State Fair and there were llamas and even some baby ones and I was so excited and then when I got close to them to pet them I was so over it. Haha they were so dirty and I was like get me out of here! Animals with big tounges freak me out and I realize I'm just more of a dog person! But I do still love llamas... from a distance that is!

I had a different post planned for today with a fun little valentines giveaway but Olive had other plans for us! (So stay tuned for tomorrow!)  She is very passionate that little one so instead of snapping some photos and enjoying this almost 70 degree weather we are enjoying uninterrupted nap time and staying in. Austin and I have made the choice to look at Olive as a little human with big feelings and real emotions! We don't expect her to be thrown into our lives and have to automatically adjust to our schedule. We have to adjust and be paitent with her. She's a little human and her needs often have to come first and we have to respect her. At times it can be frustrating when you really want to do something and just can't. But I know there will be a time she enjoys everything and for now we can enjoy the snuggling a little more. 

like I said check back here tomorrow for a fun giveaway! 

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