Kimono Dog

I thrifted the kimono to end all kimonos. When I found it, I heard the other kimono in my closets scream because they new they would be pushed to the back of the shelf. Okay to be honest, I overlooked this piece and my girlfriend pulled it out again and was like what do you think and I decided to just "try it on". We both were like, how did THAT just turn into THIS. 

I personally feel like a total bad ass anytime I wear something flow-y. Me and that same friend ran to Costco over the weekend and when we were walking in with our capes flowing I was all like we look like were trying to conquer the world. Ha some girls wear lipstick to feel confident, I wear kimonos.

Kimono: Thrifted  Shirt: Thrifted  Jeans:F21  Shoes:F21