Me & My Mini

Is there anything cuter than baby pleather leggings or a baby sized peplum top? (well and the boots with the furrrrr)

I am SO excited about these photos, even though Olive refused to make eye contact with her daddy, she is just the cutest! When I was just a few months pregnant we were at a baby store and Austin came up to me with the biggest smile and bright eyes and said we HAVE to get this, so you and the baby can be twins! We didn't even know that SHE was a SHE yet but we really hoped she was! AND here we are matching together me and my little chunk! 

I had a few moments this weekend while rocking Olive and Spending time all three of us where I just teared up with so much joy. I love this little girl with something fierce. Life is so sweet. 

and because she has been an over achiever since she insisted on coming early and because mamas brag on their children like its their full time job. Olive rolled over in her crib last night! from her stomach to her back and we somehow caught it on the monitor...well who am I kidding we stare at the monitor when she's upstairs. How is my 2 month old basically crawling and rolling over? 

Happy Monday everyone!