10 Months of Olive

Keeping up with my late traditions and sharing Olives 10 month photos when she's justttttt about 11 months. and yes... I'm fully aware that Olive looks nothinggggg like me in these photos. She has days but this day was not ours to share lol.

Olive at 10 months. She loves green beans, peppers and onions. Yes onions. She can stand by herself and is really into squatting. lots of squatting  No wonder she has a tiny little bootay and Austin and I are butt-less. She loves our bed and loves her llama and sun even more. She doesn't like high chairs or carseats but grocery carts are semi-okay in her eyes. She likes bows.. but barley tolerates hats. She is feisty and opinionated but sweet to the bone just like any child of mine should be. She loves the park but especially the slide. We are very attached and she will crawl up to our legs and stand on her knees and try to climb up us because she wants to be held. But we don't mind. I'm all stay my little baby girl forever. We both are in FULL denial that she is turning one...

I'm about to leave her over night and I'm way emotional about it. but she is such a big girl and I know she and her papa will have tons of fun. sleep.. not so much but fun, definitely! 

Her sweet bonnet is from Wind.Child