Cloth Diapering :01

I get a lot of questions about Cloth Diapering. Cloth for me is such a love hate relationship. I love the idea of it, and sometimes I truly love it but other times I hate it. My husband on the other hand LOVES it... and even though he def does his share of diaper changes, Olive saves her poops for me. So I decided to do a 3 part series on Cloth Diapering.. Starting with reusable cloth wipes, cloth diapers and then ending this series talking about hybrids and the disposable diapers that we do use, when we use disposable. 

So cloth wipes! If your going to use cloth wipes I have he BEST cloth wipes for you. We've used 4 different brand of cloth wipes and these by FAR are my absolute favorite. They are from Marleys Monsters and they are SO soft. They stay soft after you wash them and I LOVE them. If you don't use reusable cloth wipes you should look into them. You can do so much with 1 single cloth wipe instead of 3-5 disposable wipes. Also you can use them for about a million other purposes too and we are constantly reaching for them for one thing or another. The first thing you need to figure out when you are using cloth is figure out a solution. This was one of our biggest mistakes. We would make a solution and our entire wipes would stink and wed have to wash them all the time. The key is not to let air get to them. Theres plenty of homemade solutions out there but THESE Cloth Wipe Bits are the easiest thing, not expensive and make my busy life 100 times easier. Paired with that super cute spray bottle and wha-la so easy. When I already do so much DIY things buying these have been a major game changer.  So all we do is keep these next to our changing table with a stack of wipes, spray and were good to go at diaper changes

Good news! I'm hosting a giveaway on Instagram tonight for this entire bundle! And if giveaways aren't your thing you can use Code STEPH20 for 20% all Urban Oreganics products! and STEPH20 for 20% off on  Marleys Monsters as well !!!