Sugar Spice & Everything Nice

Happy Halloween Monday to you and you and you! We're not huge fans of Halloween over here and even though I have THEE cutest idea ever for Austin & Olive I didn't want to spend the mula on it this year so instead you can see what we dressed Olive as HERE... Thanks to my mom! Maybe i'll get crazy and pull off my idea next year when ill almost have a 2 year old! So instead of a halloween costume I give you Olive in her little crop top striking a few poses. Do you see her spunkiness? SEE that little toe point and vogue face. I can't even make this stuff up people!! These photos are some of my favorites (aren't they all?) because they show Olives little personality so much. She is has a little sugar, spice and everything about her is nice. For those rare times she isn't being very nice because HELLO learning to deal with emotions can be hard... we say Olive... thats not very sweet or kind and she starts crying and you can tell she feels bad and we scoop her up and give her lots of kisses. 

I'm not sure if you read my last post... if you didn't, I already changed it but some of you may have noticed I've pulled back a bit. Life has so many seasons. So many ups and downs and I want to share the beautiful yet real moments here. Im not quite sure what that looks like and where my voice lands in the world of social media. I kind of got bored of just outfit posts because there is SO much life that happens in-between posts sharing about clothes. And theres so many more things I want to share but can't quite find the words. So my hope is to come to this space and share more. be more vulnerable. be more honest..and share more FOOD. since thats thing I get asked about the most. haha. Anyways I love you all and thanks for reading my little corner of the internet!

Outfit details!  Hers is from  The Haltered Thread. My DRESS... that I accidentally shrunk into a shirt.. but could have easy still been pulled off as a shirt is of course from my favorite shop Thistle & Finn.. You can shop It HERE and Smalls will be restocked this week. Also Breast feeding friendly!! Whoop whoop! My necklaces are for essential Oils and they are from LavaLiving! probably the prettiest diffusing necklaces on the market. My shoes are old from target, my skinny jeans are even more old from F21 and my purse is from Fashionable